David Quigley, PhD
David Quigley has been working in cancer genetics since 2006, with a particular focus on prostate cancer and DNA repair. He joined the UCSF Department of Urology in 2020. Dr. Quigley received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Carleton College and worked as a software developer in industry for five years before complating a Masters degree in Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University, and a PhD at the University of Oslo. Dr. Quigley has led studies published in Nature, Cell, and Cancer Discovery.

Thaidy Moreno-Rodriguez, PhD
Thaidy Moreno-Rodriguez received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine from the Universidad de Cantabria in Spain. Her research interests are centered around how tumors develop resistance to targeted therapy in prostate cancer. Outside of the lab, she enjoys cooking, running, playing volleyball and tennis, and exploring California.

Meng Zhang, MS, PhD
Meng Zhang (co-mentored with Dr. Felix Feng) completed her PhD in Cell Biology at Yale University and an MS in Computer Science at Stanford University. She is interested in understanding the RNA biology of aggressive prostate cancer. She enjoys visiting science museums and spending time with her family.

Martin Sjoestroem, MD, PhD
Martin Sjöström (co-mentored with Dr. Felix Feng) completed his MD/PhD at Lund University, Sweden. His research is focused on the use of novel high-throughput sequencing techniques for improved precision medicine. He is currently exploring 5-hydroxmethylation in prostate cancer. Outside of the lab, he enjoys the California outdoors, preferentially on a road bike.

Raunak Shrestha, PhD
Raunak Shrestha co-mentored with Dr. Felix Feng completed his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Prostate Centre. His current research is focused on how the chromatin state and structure affects prostate cancer progression and therapeutic resistance.

Arian Lundberg, Ph.D.
Arian Lundberg (co-mentored with Dr. Felix Feng) obtained his Ph.D. in Medical Bioinformatics at the Karolinska Institute. He is interested in identifying mechanisms underlying prostate cancer progression and its transformation into a more aggressive, treatment-resistant subtype. When he isn't working, you'll find Arian running outside and doing yoga, playing video-games or cooking at home.

Xiaolin Zhu, MD Ph.D.
Xiaolin Zhu (co-mentored with Dr. Felix Feng) completed medical school in Shanghai and subsequently a PhD in human genetics and genomics with David Goldstein at Duke and then Columbia University. Motivated to become a physician-scientist to advance precision medicine, he went back for clinical training and completed an internal medicine residency at UT Southwestern and is now a medical oncology fellow at UCSF. He is interested in translational genomics and human genetics of genitourinary malignancies, particularly prostate cancer. In his free time, he enjoys exploring new places, reading nonfiction, watching movies, and spotting interesting music on Spotify.

Nicholas Lillis
Nicholas Lillis received his B.A. in Biochemistry and Theoretical Mathematics from Columbia University in New York. He is interested in Machine Learning applications to genomic analysis. Before coming to UCSF, he was on a musical tour of Europe with the Columbia Kingsmen. In his spare time, he enjoys running and surfing!

William Jarrard
William Jarrard received his B.A. in Systems Engineering and his M.A. in Data Science from the University of Virginia.